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Learn how faculty are adopting free and open etextbooks in their courses. The faculty describe the etextbook they are using, the course they are teaching – sharing their syllabus and teaching strategies, and how they have adopted and integrated the free and open etextbook into their course. Many faculty describe their students' responses to using the etextbook as well.

Sarah Mergel from Dalton State College, GA
eTextbook: History in the Making: U.S History through 1877 by University Press of Northern Georgia  

Image of Dr. Sarah Mergel

Course Description:

Surveys the history of colonial America and the United States from the first European encounters with the New World through the Civil War and Reconstruction.


"I adopted History in the Making for two reasons. As a co-author on this text, I had a hand in outlining the chapters and organizing the content. Therefore, I knew the information in the book worked well with what I tend to focus on in the survey course. Moreover, my students have access to a full textbook either for free if they use the digital version or for less money than they would pay for a concise textbook. I no longer have to worry about the student who halfway into the semester does not have the book because they could not afford it or because the bookstore ran out of copies."

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Leslie Collins from Modesto Junior College, CA
eTextbook: Stand Up, Speak Out from Saylor.org

Image of Leslie Collins

Course Description:

Developing individual effectiveness in various speech activities; emphasis on public speaking; instruction and practice in selection, organization and presentation of materials. Development of self-confidence and listening skills. Field trips are not required.


"I use Stand Up, Speak Out: The Practice and Ethics of Public Speaking v. 1.0.3 from Flat World Knowledge as my primary text for this class. It has been edited by me to fit the course, is interactive, has study resources, and can be purchased in a variety of formats depending on my student's learning style and their budget." "

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Mark Stoner from California State University, Sacramento
eTextbook: Public Speaking by The Public Speaking Project

Image of Mark Sroner

Course Description:

Theory and technique of public speaking. Emphasis on organizing, supporting, and clearly stating ideas. Practice in informative and persuasive speaking. Meets the general education requirement for oral communication, Area A-1.


"I make use of textbooks as the basic source of content and use class time for activities that apply the content and practice skills. Therefore, I felt it was imperative that students had no excuse for not reading the course text."

"Further, I appreciated the fact that I didn't feel compelled to use every chapter to justify the high cost of a typical textbook. While I did end up using all the chapters, uses came organically from the course design, not a sense of compulsion. I value OERs for the freedom of choice, usability, adaptability, accessibility and convenience they provide. "

Learn How I Use This Open Textbook in My Course

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